Sticky Faith Service Guide: Moving Students from Mission Trips to Missional Living

by Kara Powell, Brad M. Griffin. Zondervan, 2016.
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Powell, executive director of the Fuller Youth Institute (FYI) and a faculty member at Fuller Seminary, and Griffin, FYI associate director, provide a map for youth leaders to move from the common short-term mission trip toward the rare, transformational short-term experience with long-term impact. Their model demands a head, heart and time investment from the participants and their leaders, family, and congregation-before, during and after the experience. With an equal emphasis on “God and me,” “God and us,” and “God and locals,” leaders will find the tools they need-including exercises, handouts, devotions and Bible studies-to nurture the cultural intelligence of the group as they prepare, experience, and debrief. The book and model applies to Christian groups of all ages and, with some adaptation, to other faith identities and secular groups. A {{companion student journal |}} is also available.