Story: The Power of Narrative for Christian Leaders

by Jay R. Martinson. Beacon Hill Press, April, 2016.
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“Christian-storied leaders.” That’s the way Nazarene preacher and professor, Jay Martinson, characterizes his target audience. And for good reason: He is convinced that story is a fundamental force in identity-formation, hope, love and learning, and that leaders who understand and appreciate its role are more effective. Walk with Martinson through this meditation on the value and various functions of narrative. Learn from him how to become a better story-teller (and story-listener). With self-effacing humor and the skills of a veteran teacher, Martinson instructs and inspires, illustrating with his own stories, biblical reflection, and wisdom from the likes of Joseph Campbell and Fred Craddock. Reflection questions for each chapter make this a ready tool for small group study, including intergenerational and youth groups.

Curator Curated by Marie F. Fleming

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