Structured for Mission: Renewing the Culture of the Church

by Alan J. Roxburgh. InterVarsity Press, 2015.
Large structured for mission

For congregations feeling overwhelmed by the scale and multiplicity of change around and within them, this book offers a roadmap. Alan Roxburgh, a pastor, writer and consultant with {{The Missional Network |}}, begins with the premise that the American church is unraveling, and that “…existing ways of being church are less and less able to provide meaningful ways of shaping people’s religious life.” In this book, he first describes the “loss of place” and how structures and frameworks are changing. He then goes on to “reframe imagination” for the church, affirming the need for healthy structures, and a new culture within them. He addresses factors of change around economics, family, and diversity, and he affirms the capacity of congregations to be responsive and adaptive, with shared models of leadership for an emerging future. With analysis and recommendations for action illustrated with many stories from real communities, this book can be a resource for contemporary evangelical and mainline congregations hoping to renew their way of being church.

Curator Curated by Melissa Spa

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