Susan Nienaber Consulting, LLC

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Susan Nienaber has unique expertise as a congregational consultant because of her combined education and experience as a marriage and family therapist (LFMT) and her theological training (M.Div.). With insight into organizational systems, as well as conflict and crisis management, Susan brings profound gifts to the table, particularly when parties are on either side are in conflict or struggling from dysfunction. Her gentle, kind, and unbiased facilitation of dialogue processes distinguish Susan as a highly qualified consultant for congregations in conflict, needing structural overhaul, or facing or recovering from a crisis. She works with individuals, teams and congregations from a wide-array of traditions, both in the U.S. and Canada. Susan writes, lectures, and leads training workshops and retreats for clergy and laity on subjects such as managing conflict and change, professional ethics and boundaries, the use of dialogue, developing staff, and strengthening leadership. If a congregation is at an impasse, either from a conflict, crisis or developmental challenge, consider Nienaber as a resource that will help heal and bridge the divide.