The Acts of the Apostles and Thriving Communities

by C. Kavin Rowe. Faith & Leadership. Accessed November 30, 2017.
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By drawing from scriptural tradition, New Testament scholar and Duke Divinity School professor Kavin Rowe invites congregations and leaders to consider the early church as a model for thriving community. By diving into the patterns, features, and priorities of the early church in Acts, Rowe offers up a model for transforming congregational life. This is not a superficial or nostalgic recommendation, but instead a serious look at the ways that congregations today might be challenged to consider the norms of life together as the church. This series of articles focuses on six different features of community life in Acts, and how these might influence congregations today as they seek to thrive. The articles address networks, visibility, provision for the weak, conflict, belief, and suffering, and the ways in which these six features contribute to a culture that is distinctive as a Christian model.