The Art of Curating Worship: Reshaping the Role of Worship Leader

by Mark Pierson. Sparkhouse Press, 2010.
Large the art of curating worship

Pastor Mark Pierson believes all church is local and views “worship and worship preparation much more as an art form than an organizational task.” Pierson’s shift in emphasis changes how worship services are created and how they are experienced by participants. The shift generates new language and meaning, such as worship “curator,” instead of leader; and “reemerging church,” instead of emerging church. The worship curator focuses on context, diversity, and innovation, while setting a “frame” that helps worshippers connect with God. The reemerging church is more organic and seeks to build on what came before, not replace the old with the new. The shift is subtle, but the implications are not. Pierson offers readers a fresh and courageous theology of the church, worship, and discipleship, which he shares via stories and examples in a user-friendly way. This challenging must-read is for Christian clergy, lay leaders, and worship teams from all traditions.