The Case for Servant Leadership

by Kent M. Keith. Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership, 2015.
Large case servant leadership

Former Greenleaf Center CEO, Kent Keith, offers an engaging and compelling introduction to servant leadership. At the core is a discussion of the difference between what the author calls “power leadership”, which seeks to control others for its own good, and servant leadership, which works for the well-being of others. Readers will encounter inspiring stories about notable servant leaders, from George Washington to Harriet Tubman to modern-day business people. Throughout, Keith draws upon his own experience and the work of leadership experts the likes of Robert Greenleaf, Peter Drucker and Phyllis Wheatley to enrich the narrative. Perhaps most practical is the chapter on key practices of servant leaders, which include self-awareness and the ability to listen well. This book is for anyone who leads or aspires to lead. Although it is aimed at a general audience, it will resonate with faith-based readers. A study guide is provided for small group use.