The Challenges of Pastoring a Smaller Membership Church

by Ray Gilder. Bivocational & Smaller Church Leadership Network. Accessed November 30, 2017.
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It is sometimes said that naming problematic issues reduces their power and influence over us. If that is true, then this brief article that identifies ten challenges that small church pastors face might be one of the most helpful resources for pastors to read. Ray Gilder, National Coordinator for the Bivocational and Small Church Leadership Network, created the list. The issues include volunteers, members with strong relational ties, insufficient leadership pool, entrenched leaders, and finances. Gilder offers little elaboration on any of the ten points; however, the ten points are worth pondering, can be a conversation starter for pastors and congregations, and can serve as an assessment tool or a prayer list for pastors and congregations. The article also offers a few wise tidbits for all to consider. The perspective is Christian, but leaders from a variety of traditions will likely identify with the items that Gilder names.