The Church Construction Kit: A Complete Project Guide for Church Building Programs

by J. Dean Morgan. Beacon Hill Press, 2005.
Large the church construction kit2

Architect Dean Morgan agrees with those who say that “buildings communicate.” Morgan believes that providing a beautiful facility is one way to communicate how a congregation feels about God and God’s people, members or not. But Morgan and the other contributors to this work also recognize the complexity of the building process, and their interactive resource helps congregations navigate the process, from the pre-planning stages to the last nail and beyond. Building site and design, furnishings and equipment, responsibilities of the architect and contractor, final design presentation, and dedicating the building are a few examples of the topics covered. Strengths of this work include helping congregations become aware of decision points and the six appendices. This resource is written by professionals and is clear, practical, and easy to use. Although it is expensive, it may prove to be an invaluable investment for any Christian congregation considering building a new facility.

Curated by Janet Hoover

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