The Church Money Manual: Best Practices for Finance and Stewardship

by J. Clif Christopher. Abingdon Press, 2014.

This book has information about many different financial issues facing congregations. Are you a pastor seeking information on preaching about money matters? This book includes advice regarding preaching on the topic of tithing, as well as on how clergy should approach the potentially sensitive issue of knowledge of donor giving. What about the timing of building projects and capital campaigns? The author’s practical counsel will help your congregation think strategically about when to plan such initiatives. The author is Clif Christopher, CEO of the Horizons Stewardship Company and a certified church growth consultant. Christopher also covers strategies to increase end-of-year giving and what to do when giving is down. The chapters are brief. They are straightforward. They are practical. This is a “how to” book. Recommended for clergy, treasurers, and anyone involved in financial management of the local congregation.