The Circle Way for Communities of Faith

by Ivy Thomas. The Circle Way, 2017.
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Veteran pastor and Circle Way practitioner, Ivy Thomas, has written this small book to explain The Circle Way process and its application in congregational settings. The Circle Way is a modern-day adaptation of an ancient council or circle method of communal decision-making. Its design fosters “healthy, respectful and creative conversations” with “a leader in every chair.” Thomas has created an acronym, HOLY, to remind congregations of The Circle Way tenets. H stands for Holding stories in confidence; O Is for being Open to the needs of others and yourself; L- means Listening with compassion and curiosity; Y reminds participants to Yield to moments of silence. The Circle Way process can be used by staff and volunteers in board settings, retreats, congregational meetings and any context where discernment or transformation is at stake. This resource is available only as an e-book.

Curator Curated by Marie F. Fleming

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