The Cry of Tamar: Violence Against Women and the Church's Response

by Pamela Cooper-White. Fortress Press, 2012.
Large the cry of tamar

Author and seminary professor, Pamela Cooper-White, uses the voice of Tamar from 2 Samuel 13 as the grounding force for this second edition of her comprehensive work about violence against women. Cooper-White notes that although progress has been made in education and the prevention of violence against women in recent decades, the problem “continues at epidemic proportions.” Cooper-White’s goal is to challenge assumptions about abuse and create awareness that will lead readers to healing action and redemption of victims on an individual, institutional, and cultural level. Among the types of abuse covered, she addresses partner and spousal abuse, human trafficking, stalking, and clergy abuse. Cooper-White offers statistics, shares stories, and suggests healing therapies specific to particular types of abuse. Because of the pervasiveness of this issue, the book is for leaders in all religious traditions, especially clergy, counselors, and therapists. The text includes extensive notes and a detailed index.