The Eight Practices of a Missional Church

by Bill Easum. Yuma Southern Baptist Association. Accessed November 30, 2017.
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Church expert and consultant, Bill Easum, offers eight practices of a missional church in this helpful article. Among other items, Easum says that missional churches have an external focus, readily partner with other religious and secular organizations, see church planting as a natural course of their ministry, have strong lay participation in ministry, and create a hospitable environment for guests and visitors. While Easum does not give a quick or easy process for a congregation to make the paradigm shift to becoming a missional church, he does ask reflection questions throughout the article that invite readers to consider their own ministry and context and obstacles to their own growth. The perspective here is Christian, but the open-ended questions Easum asks make this an appropriate resource for congregations from a variety of religious traditions who want to reassess their own focus and priorities.