The Equipping Church Guidebook

by Sue Mallory, Brad Smith. Zondervan, 2001.
Large the equipping church guidebook

This comprehensive resource offers a vision and strategy for implementing congregational collaborative ministry as no other resource does. Sue Mallory and Brad Smith have extensive ministerial experience in helping churches live into a vibrant and healthy future. Their work is intended to help congregations 1) capture the vision of collaborative ministry, and 2) engage in a process to make it happen. Part one defines an equipping church and addresses how a congregation’s perspective of ministry can be transformed. Part two offers “relational and strategic foundations” that are strengthened until the “equipping system” becomes alive in the congregation. Numerous helpful aids, such as charts, samples, suggestions and tips, quotes to ponder, and discussion questions fill the book. This biblically-based guidebook is appropriate for any Christian church. It is a hefty volume with a detailed and thorough approach that requires a strong commitment from staff and laity.

Curated by Janet Hoover

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