The Externally Focused Quest: Becoming the Best Church for the Community

by Eric Swanson, Rick Rusaw. Jossey-Bass, 2010.
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Do you wish to make an impact in your community or for your community? The answer can propel your congregation toward fulfilling its gospel mandate in fresh ways. Instead of providing cookie cutter remedies, this source provides markers to consider toward becoming missionally engaged. It begins with a discussion of local and global changes that are impacting the church. The next nine chapters are devoted to the following missional concepts: focus, purpose, scope, missions, partnering, evangelism, systems, creativity, and outcomes. Rich content is presented to spur thoughtful consideration. Real-life examples lend practicality. At the end of each chapter is a segment entitled “The Leadership Challenge,” which encourages application of the concepts from a leadership perspective. These questions and suggestions can generate positive energy and motivation to be creative.