The Fabulous Reinvention of Sunday School: Transformational Techniques for Reaching and Teaching Kids

by Aaron Reynolds. Zondervan Publishing House, 2007.
Large the fabulous reinvention

“Transformational teaching” is the way writer and artist, Aaron Reynolds, characterizes the form of presentation that captures and holds the attention of children. Here are practical tools and techniques, offered in an engaging and quirky style, for utilizing a range of creative approaches for teaching in a rotational Sunday School format. As a former artistic director for Willow Creek’s “Promiseland” Sunday School, Reynolds shares the treasures of 13 years’ innovation and experience. While every page is infused with imagination, the section on teaching the Bible creatively is perhaps this book’s keynote contribution. Evangelical and mega-church congregations are its primary audience but Reinvention could prove a valuable resource for any children’s ministry leader who wants to serve students and teachers whose learning styles are better suited to visual, aural and active lesson formats.

Curated by Marie F. Fleming

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