The Gifts of the Small Church

by Jason Byassee. Abingdon Press, 2010.
Large gifts of a small church

Whether you believe that the small church is a means of God’s grace and is imperfectly perfect just as it is or if you believe that it must grow and change, former small church pastor Jason Byassee offers readers a humorous and poignant ride through the world of the small church. Readers may recognize themselves, their families, friends, and their churches in the stories that Byassee tells. While Byassee’s work pays tribute to the thousands of Christians who live, breathe, and sustain their faith in the small church, this is not a naïve ministry memoir. Byassee is not hesitant to identify the challenges of the small church. Nevertheless, Byassee believes the small church is “God’s primary way of saving people,” and he offers clergy and laity the chance to believe that, too. This book is most appropriate for Christians.