The Jewish Lights Spirituality Handbook: A Guide to Understanding, Exploring & Living a Spiritual Life

(Stuart Matlins). Jewish Lights Publishing, 2001.
Large the jewish lights

This resource compiles wisdom from 50 Jewish spiritual leaders meant to explore the layers and applications of Jewish spirituality.

Offerings: what Jewish spirituality is, where it is found, how to develop the tools that make spirituality possible, why it should be part of your life

Best For: Jewish clergy, lay leaders, and congregants

Cost: purchase as a book or e-book

Suggested Uses:

  • Discover practices to enrich your spiritual life by reading the section on how to develop the tools that make spirituality possible.
  • Apply spirituality to different aspects of the Jewish faith such as community, prayer, healing, and life passages by studying the teachings of various Jewish spiritual leaders.

Curator Curated by Beth Booram

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