The Land That Calls Me Home: Connecting God's People to God's Land through God's Church

by Hughey David Reynolds. Clearwater Cove Press, 2014.

United Methodist pastor-farmer Hughey David Reynolds’ thesis is also his experience: a biblically based partnership between rural congregations and farmers can lead to the strength, health, and growth of rural communities, small farms, and local congregations. Reynolds also believes that reconnecting people with the land and their source of food can enhance human spiritual, communal, and physical life. In addition to offering a historical look at corporate and non-corporate farming and the church’s role in that, Reynolds helps readers discern the feasibility of farming and/or congregation/farm partnerships. Although some readers may not appreciate Reynolds’ boyhood remembrances of farming life, they convey the purpose and passion he feels for the land and explain the relationship he sees between congregations, farmers, and the land. Reynolds’ work is appropriate for any congregation seeking closer and more cooperative relationships with its community and the land.