The Ministry of Small Groups: Towards an Integration of Orthodoxy and Orthopraxis

by Sarie King. Effective Ministry, 2011. Accessed November 30, 2017.
Large the ministry of small groups

Author Sarie King has served as Dean of Women at Moore Theological College (Australia) and Dean of Students at Mary Andrews College (Australia). She is currently a researcher and blogger for {{Effective Ministry |}}, an organization that seeks to provide best practice models for ministry development. King provides information on the six reasons small groups fail, including failure of leadership; lack of training; imbalance of core elements; unclear or competing expectations; stagnation, atrophy and discontent; and unclear methodology and philosophy. She then posits a solution: groups need to be disciple-making entities. She further provides what she considers to be the “non-negotiables” of small group ministry. There are also appendices on a brief history of the small group movement, as well as several diagrams about discipleship. This article will be helpful for anyone looking for an understanding of successful small group ministry based in evidence and research.