The Mission Table: Renewing Congregation and Community

by Stephen P. Bouman. Augsburg Fortress , 2013.
Large the mission table

Congregations dismayed by declining membership are urged to cultivate the habit of listening - to the Holy Spirit, to one another, to their neighbor in need - in order to discern where God is at work in the world and how they might join in that work. With over four decades of ministry in multi-ethnic settings, Stephen Bouman calls upon communities of faith to set “Listening Tables” to hear people’s dreams, passions and gifts and, in the process, revitalize the church’s mission. He weaves biblical reflection and personal story with practical tools for leadership development, including study questions for each chapter. The “Model for Congregational Listening Tables” is a step by step guide to a preliminary visioning process. Designed to train congregational leaders and facilitate missional conversations, The Mission Table is addressed to Lutherans but can be used by any mainline, Protestant congregation to address identity and purpose.

Curator Curated by Marie F. Fleming

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