The Missional Leader: Equipping Your Church to Reach a Changing World

by Alan Roxburgh, Fred Romanuk. Jossey-Bass, 2006.
Large the missional leader

In this book, noted author and internationally known missional church leader, Alan Roxburgh, joins forces with organizational consultant and psychologist Fred Romanuk to promote missional church leaders and missional churches as the best response to the contemporary malaise in many congregations. This book is much more than promotion and theory, however. Roxburgh and Romanuk offer practical strategies and applicable behaviors that define missional churches and explain how missional church leaders can lead a congregation’s transformation into this incarnational, servant model of community. Additionally, the authors review the life-cycle of a missional church, discuss the foundational principles and values of missional churches and missional church leaders, and offer solutions and ideas to overcoming the obstacles and challenges to making this kind of personal and congregational transformation. This helpful resource is practical and realistic, even while being hopeful. This book is appropriate for clergy and lay-leaders from a variety of Christian traditions.