The Missional Network

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The Missional Network explores the rapidly changing reality of Christianity from church-oriented to community-oriented, and provides a range of supportive services and products for congregations making this shift. Founder and lead consultant, Alan Roxburgh, is joined by a talented team of missional church veterans to promote missional church insights and practices for a growing network of faith leaders. They provide consulting services, books, blogs and more to equip congregations as they navigate the transition. For example, the Network offers (for a fee) consultation for executive church leaders, workbooks for leading workshops, and assessments that help gauge readiness. There are also numerous free videos and articles available on issues related to being missional, Follow the Network’s learning edge in the “What We are Discovering” journal. Congregations wishing to understand how to “join God in the neighborhood” will find inspiration, information and practical tools from the Missional Network.

Curated by Marie F. Fleming

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