The Missional Network

Accessed November 30, 2017.
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Alan Roxburgh believes that the landscape of Christianity is rapidly changing from a church-oriented reality to a local community-oriented one. The Missional Network was founded to explore these changes and provide support for those wishing to join in understanding what it means to live authentically in the midst of our communities. This site provides information on what has changed and is changing, and what the organization is discovering about these changes, as well as congregational responses to them. In addition, the network offers (for a fee) consultation for executive church leaders, workbooks for leading workshops, and assessments that help determine readiness to become missional. There are also numerous free videos and articles available on issues and topics related to being missional. Any congregation seeking to become missional in its approach and desiring to understand how to reach out to its local community will benefit from the information and resources on this site.