The Serving Leader for the People of God: Five Powerful Actions That Will Transform Your Team, Your Church and Your Community

by Elizabeth Wourms, John Stahl-Wert. SHIP LLC, 2011.
Large the serving leader

Many books on congregational leadership take their cues from the world of business. Others may lean too heavily on theological constructs. This book attempts to balance both. Published by the Pittsburgh Leadership Foundation, Wourms and Stahl-Wert present a practical leadership book easily grasped by a wide audience of congregational leaders. Their style is part of the power of the book. Each of the “Five Powerful Actions” begins with a description of real church situation which highlights an important failure in leadership. This failure is then analyzed and alternative remedies are explored. This is accomplished through accounts of the authors' personal experiences, input from experts in leadership development, careful theological analysis, and easy to follow, practical steps. The five powerful actions include: Run to a Great Purpose, Upend the Pyramid, Raise the Bar, Blaze the Trail, and Build on Strength. Available only as an e-book.

Curated by Brian Witwer

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