The Steward Leader: Transforming People, Organizations and Communities

by R. Scott Rodin. InterVarsity Press, 2010.

Often, we think of stewardship as primarily (if not entirely) focused on financial management. Scott Rodin, a successful fundraiser and seminary president, broadens the scope of stewardship through this book. Rodin reflects candidly on his own failures to understand the primary role of service in great leadership, and he calls on clergy and laity alike to become steward leaders “of no reputation”, as Paul wrote to the Philippians. With an emphasis on relationship and transformational witness, this book provides a way for leaders to see everything that they do as stewardship of God’s resources. Outlining four levels of steward leadership, in relation to God, ourselves, neighbors, and all creation, this book also includes disciplines of prayer that reinforce this view. This book is suited for those who wish to grow themselves as steward leaders, in order to encourage congregations to remember that everything belongs to God.