The Strategically Small Church: Intimate, Nimble, Authentic, and Effective

by Brandon J. O'Brien. Bethany House Publishers, 2010.

Brandon O’Brien draws from his experience as a small church pastor and his perspective as an editor-at-large for Leadership Journal to offer a nuanced view of today’s church. O’Brien says the small church may be the most faithful configuration of the church, yet he doesn’t believe that small churches should necessarily remain small simply because they believe their small size is what makes them effective. Rather, O’Brien sees each church as unique and adds that the most effective small church is one that sees and appreciates its assets and knows how to use them to achieve ministry goals. Thus O’Brien emphasizes those ministry and church characteristics that a small church needs to achieve its goals: lay-led, “real,” intergenerational, strengths-based, and as a place for continuing education. Small church Christian pastors and lay-leaders are the most appropriate audience for this thought-provoking and inspiring resource full of anecdotes and wisdom.