The Taize Community


If you are curious about Taizé worship, the place to begin your research is here. This is the web site of the Taizé community located in a small village in Eastern France. Since the 1950’s, people from around the world have made pilgrimage to this monastic community to experience prayer, worship and spiritual renewal. From this small enclave, a distinctive style of worship developed-a style whose seed has multiplied around the world. Simple chants, Scripture reading, and silence mark the elements of Taizé worship and can be a rejuvenating addition to worship in a broad spectrum of Christian traditions. Worship leaders, pastors and lay musicians will find this web site a good starting point in learning about Taizé worship. Though not attractive or well organized, the web site contains vast information about the history of Taizé, taking a pilgrimage to Taizé and resources for developing Taizé worship. (If interested in ordering print or downloadable music, songbooks or CD’s, GIA music is the North American publisher of Taizé music resources.)