The Thin Book of Trust: An Essential Primer for Building Trust at Work

by Charles Feltman. Thin Book Publishing, 2008.
Large thin book of trust

Healthy congregations are vital to effective growth and ministry. Central to governance in any congregation is the extent to which congregants trust their leadership and how leaders trust each other. Charles Feltman, is an executive coach, and consultant for Insight Consulting which has served over 500 companies. This small book, part of the Thin Book Series, does an excellent job of presenting a simple, yet careful approach to building and keeping trust. Feltman states that few people understand the distinctives of trust: sincerity, reliability, competence and care. These need to be deliberately created in any working environment. Trust can easily be sabotaged by political infighting, personal conflict, stagnation, cynicism or apathy. These can then lead to anger, annoyance, fear and resignation. But healthy trust can lead to innovation, creative conflict, lively debate, and a fun working environment. Key to this understanding is an emphasis upon using intentional and consistent actions and language. There are many sample conversations through out the book which can be used to practice. Also available are a series of Trust Cards, titled “TrustTalk” which can be used to practice and evaluate healthy conversation.

Curated by Brian Witwer

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