The Unbroken Circle: A Toolkit for Congregations Around Illness, End of Life, and Grief

by James E. Brooks . Duke Institute on Care at the End of Life , 2009.
Large the unbroken circle

James Brook’s highly readable and comprehensive book/toolkit fills a huge need for congregations: how to organize, plan for, educate and monitor ministries to persons who are ill, dying, or grieving. As US congregational demographics change , the need for intentional ministries in these areas becomes increasingly important. This toolkit sets out to envision how the comprehensive ministry might work. Included are learning opportunities, organizational plans, leadership development techniques, care and support techniques, practice roll plays, and action plans. The work also includes opportunities for congregations to support care ministries through its worship, effective communication and the provision of accessible space. This important work can help all faith traditions and faith communities to be intentional about its care for members and friends. It is recommended for clergy leaders and others who engage in ministries of care with persons who are ill, dying and grieving. It also is an excellent choice for care committees and Stephen Ministry-type groups.

Curated by Brian Witwer

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