The Urban Christian: Effective Ministry in Today's Urban World

by Raymond Bakke. InterVarsity Press, 1987.

In this timeless, award-winning work, urban pastor and professor, Ray Bakke gives congregational leaders a practical guide to the daily tasks of urban ministry. He challenges leaders to articulate their reason for doing ministry in a challenging, often dangerous environment. Bakke gives structure and direction to this basic theological task, clarifying the process and making it useable for all participants. He makes the case for leadership development and gives practical instructions for how to do it. The chapter on networking in the community comes complete with a checklist of where to go and whom to contact. Every chapter has simple, practical applications, often in list format. The author concludes with a set of six exercises to practice the tasks presented in earlier chapters. Bakke provides a set of questions for congregational leaders to use as an evaluation tool. Originally published in 1987 and formatted for Kindle in 2009, this work lacks current data and uses some dated language. Despite this, The Urban Christian remains a classic, practical toolkit for urban practitioners.