The Volunteer Management Toolkit (Church Edition): Resources to Help You Recruit and Retain Volunteers

by Deborah Wipf. Velocity Management Group, LLC, 2013.
Large volunteer management toolkit

Every congregation needs a committed volunteer base to achieve its mission. Yet recruiting and retaining volunteers can be a challenge for anyone in ministry, from the nursery to the pulpit. Author Deborah Wipf has developed this toolkit as a step-by-step guide to developing and improving your congregation’s volunteer program. She draws on a unique blend of experiences as a business manager, church coach, volunteer, and volunteer manager to go beyond theory and into the practical day-to-day work of getting and keeping volunteers. Chapters are dedicated to recruiting, assigning, training, and appreciating volunteers. The toolkit includes templates for volunteer needs assessment, job descriptions, orientation handouts, and experience surveys. The author also addresses obstacles faced by both the volunteers and the organization and offers a path to success for both. Whether you’re just starting out or need to breathe new life into your volunteer program, this toolkit will help you get on the right track to a healthy and successful volunteer team. Find sample volunteer management templates at: the {{Velocity Ministry Management website |}}.

Curator Curated by Sandra Herron

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