The Way of Discernment, Participant's Guide (Companions in Christ)

by Stephen V Doughty, Marjorie J. Thompson. Upper Room Books, 2008.

Contributors to other books and guides in the Companions in Christ Upper Room Series, Doughty and Thompson present in this helpful study guide a highly usable process to help congregational groups discern where the spirit of Christ might lead them. Although written as a small group guide, this study might also benefit individuals seeking discernment for vocational or other spiritual issues. Following ancient discernment practices, the study guide invites participants to engage in a 10 week consideration of the following topics: The Beckoning of Discernment, The Heart of Discernment, Fruit as Touchstone, Core Identity as Touchstone, Growing in the Gift, In the Hard Places, Communal Discernment: Beginnings, Communal Discernment: Going Farther, Elements of Perpetual Challenge, and The All Encompassing Audience. The study also includes a series of penetrating questions to guide weekly consideration, daily exercises to help move the consideration from information to experience, and plans for a closing retreat. The guide offers a practical way to explore theological and Biblical resources to find discernment for Christian living. A valuable companion resource is {{The Way of Discernment, Leader’s Guide |}}.