The Wisdom of Group Decisions: 100 Principles and Practical Tips for Collaboration

by Craig Freshley. Good Group Decisions, 2010.

Organizational consultant Craig Freshley offers his years of experience and expertise in this slim volume of wisdom designed to reduce conflict and enhance communal decision-making. The introduction explores decision-making methods, the “life-cycle of a decision,” and lays the foundation for the 100 alphabetized entries that follow. Freshley advocates for a “tree of collaboration,” instead of Robert’s Rules of Order or a hierarchical organizational model. The easily digestible, one-page entries offer both a “principle” and a “practical tip.” The broad principles are expanded upon, and the related tip is offered and elaborated upon as well. The detailed index makes finding a specific topic easy. Boundaries, efficiency, mistakes, grudges, presumptions, timelines, arguments, and process are just a few. This user-friendly resource is for individuals and groups from all religious traditions. Among other uses, it is appropriate for leadership gatherings, educational classes, or as inspiration for electronic or written communication.