The Work Of The Greeter

by Paige Lanier Chargois. Judson Press, 2009.
Large the work of the greeter

What may seem to be a simple “anybody can do it” type of ministry, giving an appropriate greeting to a congregation’s guests and visitors is actually a critically important ministry says church consultant, teacher, and leader Paige Chargois. This ministry is critical because greeters are the “face” of the congregation, and whether they know it or not, greeters send messages to guests that create the first impression of a congregation. Chargois thus promotes a well-trained team of greeters who understand the importance of their ministry and have the gifts and skills to accomplish it. How to manage a greeting ministry, how to establish a team of greeters, and how to train greeters are just a few of the specific topics addressed. Additional specific hints and ideas for leaders and greeters are sprinkled throughout the book. This practical and user-friendly book is appropriate for a variety of Christian congregations.

Curated by Janet Hoover

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