The Worship Sourcebook

(Emily Brink). Faith Alive Christian Resouces and Baker Books, 2013.
Large the worship sourcebook

This book is an excellent supplement to your own tradition’s worship book. Or, if you represent a non-denominational community and you seek a rich collection of prayers and other components of worship, this book is invaluable. Contents include such elements as calls to worship, prayers of confession, introductions to the reading of Scripture, gathering prayer requests, benedictions and much more. Each section includes well written texts as well as clear commentaries about particular sections of worship. This is the kind of book that clergy will find helpful - not on the bookshelf, but on their desk. It should be available to chairs of worship committees, too. Consider using the explanation of certain parts of Christian worship in newsletters or blogs. Such application of the material would promote knowledge of why the church practices worship in particular ways. The more a worshiper knows the story behind certain practices the more meaningful they become and the more likely the practices take on new and appropriate meaning in the present time (use such material with permission, of course).

Author Curated by Tim Shapiro

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