Theatre for Community, Conflict and Dialogue: The Hope is Vital Training Manual

by Michael Rohd. Heinemann, 1998.
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Ministry leaders who want to expand their group processes toolbox will find a creative approach in this practical book. Educator and theater artist, Michael Rohd, developed his process by working with high school students. Theatre is his collection of improvisational activities designed to build trust, find focus, and evoke creative responses to real-life issues such as teen pregnancy and addiction. Each activity is formatted for easy facilitation, including a recommended number of participants, age-level targets, a clear explanation of the main idea and a post-activity reflection guide. Although not specifically aimed at the faith community, Rohd’s book is congregation-friendly and is all about engaging youth. It could also be useful in community outreach initiatives. The Appendix includes activity plans for a variety of audience and time configurations. Note that some of the recommended resources might not be available due to the book’s 1998 publication date.