Tomorrow's Synagogue Today: Creating Vibrant Centers of Jewish Life

by Hayim Herring. Rowman & Littlefield, 2012.
Large tomorrows synagogue

Organizational creative thinker, Rabbi Hayim Herring, has made it his business as a consultant and a Jewish leader to help synagogues reflect on, prepare for, and face the challenges of the twenty-first century. Although quick and easy solutions will not be found here, Herring’s work asks compelling questions and offers observations and information about the identity and purpose of the synagogue as a religious center for Jewish life. In essence, Rabbi Herring collates much of the synagogue transformation work from the past 15 years into an easy to read guidebook. Specific topics covered include internal and external relationships and partnerships, governance, and financing. Synagogue leaders-clergy and otherwise-who feel like something in their religious communities needs to change and want some material to use to start the conversation in their congregations will appreciate Herring’s thought-provoking work. Readers who complete a simple form receive a link to a free, downloadable action guide that accompanies chapter two and three of the book. The form can be accessed at {{ |}}.