Tools for Rebuilding: 75 Really, Really Practical Ways to Make Your Parish Better

by Michael White, Tom Corcoran. Ave Maria Press, 2013.
Large tools for rebuilding

In the follow-up book to their earlier work, Rebuilt, White and Corcoran take their ideas for Roman Catholic renewal to a deeper level. In language that is both humorous and insightful, they offer 75 practical tips for renewal and re-engagement in Roman Catholic congregational life. Principles (and tactics) include: “Getting the right people on the bus”, “Don’t let the insiders take all the good seats”, Everything takes longer than you think”, “Pastor, it’s not about you”, “Stop trying to make people go to church and make church matter”, “Getting rid of fundraisers”, “Funerals are skud missiles”, “Just because it’s slow doesn’t mean it’s holy”, ”When it comes to first communion, just surrender”, and “Christmas is over, so throw out the dead poinsettias”. Readers will appreciate the breadth of the suggestions offered. And, while written for a Roman Catholic audience, leaders from other liturgical tradition congregations may also benefit from the book’s comprehensive checklist.

Curated by Brian Witwer

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