Transform Network

Asheville, NC. (505) 554-7133.
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Transform Network is a missional network of progressive and committed Christians which seeks to foster collective action for social justice. It is multi-denominational, multiracial, and located in Charlotte, NC. A unique feature of the organization is its emphasis on contemplative practice to balance collective action. It sponsors a major annual national gathering on urban transformation lead by nationally known presenters and trainers. It also sponsors workshops on a variety of contemporary issues, such as white privilege, internet neutrality, and community organization. Several major seminaries, publishing houses and advocacy groups are Transform partners. Also included on the website are a variety of resources available for download, including meditations and blogs such as “You are the Missional Church” and “Reimagining the American Dream.” Sixteen training videos are currently available, such as “Change is in the Past and will be our Future” and “Diving Deep into Urban Ministry”. Visitors to the site will also find a series of interesting blogs, featuring staff contributors Micky Jones, Steve Knight and Holly Roach. Congregations interested in community social action will find this site interesting and challenging.

Curated by Brian Witwer

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