Tzedakah: The Jewish Concept of Charity

Lazer Gurkow. Video.
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Rabbi Lazer Gurkow is the presenter in this nine part video series on Tzedakah: The Jewish Concept of Charity. Gurkow is a spiritual leader of Congregation Beth Tefilah in London, Ontario and well-respected writer and lecturer on a variety of topics related to Judaism. Each of the videos is approximately ten minutes in length and together provide a succinct yet in-depth overview of Tzedakah. Topics covered in the videos range from the meaning of Tzedakah to its philosophy and practical suggestions for how to give generously. Viewers can watch all nine videos or choose the one that is of greatest interest. Rabbis, congregational leaders, educators and congregants wanting a straightforward and helpful explanation of Tzedakah will find this video series informative and useful.