Uncommon Decency: Christian Civility in an Uncivil World

by Richard J. Mouw. InterVarsity Press, 2010.

“How can we hold onto strongly felt convictions while still nurturing a spirit that is authentically kind and gentle?” In this updated release of his 1992 publication, the Evangelical leader and former president of Fuller Theological Seminary makes the case for what he calls ‘convicted civility’. Such civility has outer and inner dimensions: It is more than good manners. It knows how to behave among strangers ‘simply because we see them as human beings like ourselves’. For his wide-ranging presentation, Mouw draws upon his own experience, scripture, and contributions from notables the likes of Aristotle and Corrie Ten Boom. While the book reflects an evangelical Christian theology, the variety of voices and inclusive tone make Uncommon Decency a resource for anyone looking to cultivate positive public discourse. Its accessible, systematic approach renders it a good choice for small group study and leadership conversations.