Urban Ministry: An Introduction

by Ronald Edward Peters. Abingdon Press, 2007.

Professor and African American urban church pastor, Ron Peters offers church leaders fresh perspectives on the theory and practice of urban ministry. Asserting that care for the city is the call of all Christians, Peters retrieves the practice of urban ministry from the margins and places it squarely into mainstream of ministry concern. Part 1 and 2 serve as theoretical foundational chapters, useful for both preachers and lay teachers. He uses scripture and church history to define the tasks of urban ministry. Part 3 focuses on the practical work of the urban pastoral team. He outlines seven core values of urban ministry and places them in a user-friendly chart with accompanying strategies and actions steps. Congregations can use his check lists as a guide to design and implement outreach strategies. Although written primarily for a seminary audience, Peters’ conceptual framework and practical applications will be useful to all practitioners who “seek the welfare of the city.”