Vision: Lost and Found: The Story of a Church That Got Stuck but Didn't Stay There

by Tim Stevens. Exponential Resources, 2012.
Large vision lost found

This book tells a dynamic story of congregational change at every stage, from a start-up church plant to tremendous growth, through a “long winter” of organizational struggle, and the beginning of a new culture. Author Tim Stevens was the long-time executive pastor of United Methodist megachurch Granger Community Church in northern Indiana. He has written extensively about organizational culture in the church, and this book details some of the specific tools and processes used at Granger for shifting mission and internal culture. From an evangelical and “seeker-sensitive” viewpoint, this book addresses the challenges of shared leadership, and the capacity (and limits) of a large organization to be responsive to change. While many of the actors in this story are pastors and staff, smaller congregations would see the lay leadership taking on similar roles, and congregations may find the transparency of an apparently successful congregation informative. With concrete examples and tools for action, this book can be a resource that illustrates resiliency amidst major cultural shifts. Available only as an e-book.