Visual Arts and Worship

Calvin Institute of Christian Worship. Accessed November 26, 2018.
Large visual arts and worship

If you are looking for a bibliography of art resources related to faith and worship, this page on Calvin Institute’s web site provides an excellent choice. The bibliography is organized according to type or purpose of resource. For example, art publications include devotional books, small group discussion guides, resources that teach how to use art in worship, and web resources where you can find biblical art images to match a text. The list includes philosophical books to expand a reader’s thinking about the intersection of art and faith, as well as practical books that provide direction on how to incorporate art in a worship experience. The quality of this web site and the art it features make it a premier place to explore how to incorporate art within congregational life. Rabbi’s, pastors, lay worship leaders and creative communicators from Jewish and Christian faith traditions will find an abundance of art resources here that are both wide and deep.

Curated by Beth Booram

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