Visual Faith: Art, Theology and Worship in Dialogue

by William A. Dyrness. Baker Academic, 2001.
Large visual faith

“What is the basis for a relationship between the church and visual imagery?” “Is art idolatry and vanity, or can it be used to strengthen the church?” For those who are asking similar questions, this book by William Dyrness will provide a thoughtful theological reflection on the subject. Dyrness, the Dean of the School of Theology and a Professor of Culture and Theology at Fuller Seminary, explains the history of the use of imagery in faith from Judeo/Christian history. He then explains how the Reformation caused images to take a backseat to words. Now, in this new millennium, leaders in the church are reclaiming the value and power of aesthetics and art within spirituality and worship. Dyrness provides the history, theology and philosophy related to art and faith and a practical discussion on making and looking at art. This is an excellent book for church leaders, artists, and worshipers from a broad base of Christian tradition to read and discuss together.

Curated by Beth Booram

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