We Dare Not Fall: Dealing with the Peril of Clergy Sexual Misconduct

by Stanley J. Grenz. Enrichment Journal. Accessed April 14, 2017.

Lamenting the growing problem of clergy sexual misconduct is how professor Stanley Grenz begins this article designed to help male clergy understand, identify the risks, and accept responsibility for and establish healthy boundaries within the context of pastoral care and counseling with women. Grenz discusses power and trust, and offers readers preventive ideas and strategies, including healthy self-care and personal awareness. Some readers may question or take offense at some of Grenz’s conclusions that identify characteristics of male clergy and female parishioners who are most susceptible to boundary violations. Additionally, readers should be aware that Grenz has a more conservative perspective and assumes that all clergy are male. Nevertheless, Grenz’s work can serve as a checklist for male clergy and a conversation starter for congregational personnel relations committees who are just beginning to wrestle with the idea and prevention of clergy abuse.