We Make a Life By What We Give

by Richard B. Gunderman. Indiana University Press, 2009.

This book of essays offers a distinctive approach to generosity in the broadest sense, with reflections from a variety of perspectives placed into context. In whole or in part, this volume will be a valuable resource for congregations wishing to expand their community conception of stewardship or generosity. By approaching the topic through this lens, Gunderman opens up a view to the significance of sharing on both sides, for those who give, and also those who receive. He notes in his preface that, “Giving our best is not primarily a matter of managing money, nor is it about implementing a particular set of rules or moral principles. Giving well is about fully engaging our moral imaginations in a quest for a richer human life.” From this viewpoint, there are many opportunities to understand stewardship and generosity in a new way.