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Taize Resources
On this website, you will find reasonably priced bundles” of Taize worship resources that contain a choral edition of a song (with permission to make one copy), all the instrumental parts, and a complete recording of this work in mp3 format.
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Art in the Christian Tradition
This web resource includes a database from The Jean and Alexander Heard Library of Vanderbilt University, titled Art in the Christian Tradition (ACT), which provides access to thousands of religious art pieces.
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Visual Arts and Worship
This website, by Calvin Institute, provides a bibliography of art resources related to faith and worship.
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Worship and Visual Arts
Pinterest can help congregations organize and discover a variety of ideas related to art and faith.
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Death and Mourning
This web resource directs people in interfaith relationships to information about Jewish life, how to make appropriate choices, and how to mourn in a different tradition.
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Close to Home Pastoral Care Pamphlets
This web resource, by The Mennonite Publishing Network in partnership with the Mennonite Church and Mennonite Brethren ministries and institutions, has published an extensive series of 12-page pamphlets on "close to home" subjects such as dementia, PTSD, self-harm, gambling, bipolar disorder, overwhelming debt, acquaintance rape, spouse abuse, eating disorders, electronic addiction, pornography, elder abuse, etc.
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Youth Specialties Blog
This web resource offers topics and trends in youth ministry - from Holy Week devotional videos to a discussion on dangerous phone apps.
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You Lost Me: Why Young Christians are Leaving the Church and Rethinking Faith
This web resource provides an interview with the author of a book and ground breaking study which highlights three components of youth and young adult ministry that are most likely to keep them engaged through high school and beyond.
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Relationships Unfiltered. Interviews and full length video presentations featuring Andrew Root.
Relational youth ministry at its most authentic is not a means of influencing young people. It is a caring presence in their lives. Youth ministry expert and parent, Andrew Root, calls this approach place sharing” and, in this interview series, he elaborates upon what such an understanding might mean for congregations and youth leaders today.
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