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Renewing Our Church
This web resource offers an engaging video presentation about how an established but faltering congregation understands and celebrates its congregational renewal.
web resource
Ministry Matters
This website is a general purpose site containing dozens of articles and blogs on information such as preaching, teaching, worship, reaching, and leadership.
web resource
Effective Church Communications (ECC)
Designed by a church communications specialist, this website offers a variety of tools and resources for effective communication.
web resource
Church Tech Today: Technology for Today's Church
This website views technology as a vehicle for congregations to communicate and also shares the latest tips and advice for practitioners.
web resource
My Jewish Learning
My Jewish Learning is a one-stop resource for individuals and families looking for information on Jewish culture, beliefs, history, news, views, and more.
web resource
Jewish Lights Publishing: Children's Books
This web resource provides Sandy Eisenburg Sasso's award winning picture books and even her latest book which takes on universal topics like grief and loss, forgiveness, mystery, humanity’ s role in the world, and even whether God ever sleeps, in ways that understand and respect their audience.
web resource
A Parishioner's Guide to Understanding Parish Finances
This document is a tool to evaluate lay people's awareness of congregational finances and policies.
web resource
Financial Information & Tools
This website provides links and information about finance in congregations.
web resource
Church Hospitality
This web resource provides congregations free access to three downloadable hospitality resources and one for-purchase hospitality training pack that are designed to teach congregations effective hospitality skills and techniques.
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