Welcome Them Home, Help Them Heal

by John Sippola, Amy Blumenshine, and others. Whole Person Associates, 2009.
Large welcome them home

War veterans face physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wounds. Here retired chaplain and former pastor John Sippola and three of his associates combine their military, medical, and faith experiences to address the challenges that veterans face after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and the healing role that faith communities can play for them. After addressing the care that veterans need, the authors discuss the context of the Iraq/Afghanistan wars. The authors next cover the transition to civilian life and the wounds of war. Three chapters discuss the perspective and positive actions that congregations can take to help veterans heal, such as rituals that coincide with the liturgical calendar. Three appendices provide additional resources, including referral organizations and tools for parish nurses. The large number of war veterans who are dealing with trauma and adjustment issues make this a timely resource that virtually any congregation, care team, parish nurse, and clergy-person can use.

Curated by Janet Hoover

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